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Popular Pendant Patterns And Designs

Popular Pendant Patterns And Designs

Pendants are an integral part of jewelry and one of the few extensively used items by men as well as women. A pendant basically means an object that hangs from a hook or chain that acts as a holder. There are various accessories that are decorated with the help of small pendants to make them more attractive and trendy. In this review, we will check out some unique pendant patterns and designs that can never go out of fashion.

Designer cross pendants

Cross pendants are religious pendants, but they are quite unique and are considered as a symbol of cultural trend and attitude by many people. Modern cross pendants are designed using rare stones and antique gems that give them a vintage look. Cross pendants made of silver or steel are quite popular among men. A stainless steel cross pendant is not only stylish but also simple and tough-looking. If you prefer wearing a medium-sized cross, then you may search for designer pendants. But for permanent use, stylish and small pendants are most recommended. Wearing a stainless steel cross pendant is a safer option compared to wearing pendants made of metals like silver or gold, which are expensive and delicate.

Heart pendants

Nothing can replace the glory of a beautifully carved heart pendant that shines close to your neck. This is the obvious reason why heart pendants have become an all-time favorite fashion among women and girls. If you wish to gift your girlfriend with a memorable piece of jewelry, then a heart pendant can be definitely considered as a safe choice. The best part is that you would find such pendants in all sizes, designs, colors, and price ranges. Check out for ornate heart pendants and you would be amazed at the categories and styles sold in the market. Heart pendants made of bronze and silver-colored metals are quite in demand and you would find the best designs under these categories.

Symbol pendants

Symbols have an eternal aura that speaks a lot about the user. Wearing a symbolic ornament is an ever-modern trend. So, if you want to cast a trendy and unique style, shop for a unique-looking symbol pendant that suits your complexion and dressing patterns. The best place to find fashionable symbol pendants are stores that are known for selling a wide range of stainless steel pendants for men. This is because symbol pendants are more popular among men, even though the category is basically unisexual. For more ideas on trendy designs, you can browse online for symbolic stainless steel pendants for men.

Wing pendants

While discussing about evergreen pendant patterns, we cannot afford to miss out on popular wing pendant varieties. This type of pendants comes in various designs but they all have wings on them that give them a rich and powerful look. Winged heart patterns and angel wings are some of the popular designs under this category.