Always Close,
Forever Cherished.

Jewelry that holds more than just memories.
💧 Waterproof & Secure Seal 🎁 The Perfect Gift of Remembrance 💖 Hold Memories Close & In Style



Waterproof Keepsakes

Our memorial jewelry is crafted to be completely waterproof, ensuring that the precious ashes of your loved ones are safe and protected, no matter the weather conditions.

Secure Closure

Each piece features a secure closure mechanism, providing an added layer of safety to ensure that the ashes remain intact and undisturbed.

Trendsetting Designs

With a focus on modern aesthetics, our collection offers stylish and contemporary pieces that perfectly complement any outfit while honoring your loved ones.


Bought it for my son so that he can carry his dad with him where ever he goes. He hung it from the rear view mirror in his car so now his dad is always “riding shotgun"

Sameerah B.

Came in quick, and just the way I ordered. It’s the perfect size. It’s perfect for having my best friend with me all the time 🐾❤️

Ryan S.

Very happy with the product. Found it impossible to find a half decent urn bracelet. This one goes with my suit for work and also can wear it out and about on weekends.

Luke G.
Ashes Funnel Kit -  - The Steel Shop

Ashes Funnel Kit

Regular price$10.00 USD

This Funnel Kit is made from stainless steel, making it both durable and easy to use. It includes two funnel sizes that can be used with any of our cremation urns, providing a simple way to safely store and transport ashes.