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Extraordinary Bracelet Styles And Patterns

Extraordinary Bracelet Styles And Patterns

Wearing a bracelet can make your arms and hands look more stylish and attractive. Bracelet is a common ornament that has been extensively used by men through the ages. Under bracelets, there are various categories like bangles, wristbands, wrist chains etc. All these items are fashioned in various combinations of designs and patterns to suit the ever-changing trends. In this review, we will be looking into a few extraordinary types of bracelets that are quite attractive compared to the common ones.

Gothic women’s bracelets

Women always love to adore their hands, fingers, and arms with attractive ornaments that can add to their beauty and appeal. Over the past few years, gothic jewelry has received special attention and many jewelry makers sell a large variety of jewelry items under this category because they receive a better response from the markets. Gothic bracelets are wide in general and have ornate designs. Some of them have a chain attached to a ring that has to be worn on the middle finger. Shiny stones and diamonds are used to add a rich look. Various types of metals, alloys, fibers, or even leathers are used to design gothic bracelets for women.

Tribal bracelets

Under unisex category, exquisite tribal bracelets are considered to be rare and uniquely attractive. They have a rustic and hard look and are designed using a wide range of natural elements and materials like animal bones, skin, hide, shells, animal teeth, stones, leather, seeds, wood etc.  They are very hard, durable, and distinguished. For a trendy look, you can opt for a tribal mens black leather bracelet or a snakeskin bracelet. Black leather chains and bracelets are a common variety of tribal jewelry. You can also custom design your tribal bracelet by attaching a tribal pendant to a suitable mens black leather bracelet.

Designer leather bracelets

Real designer leather bracelets are manufactured by popular international brands. They expertly design each model to give these items an extraordinary charm. Popular designer mens leather bracelets are manufactured by brands like Northskull, Miansai, Brooks Brothers, Trashness, Zadeh, Marcos De Andrade, etc. These brands are popular for making high-quality leather bracelets for men and they make use of precious and semi-precious metals to decorate these bracelets. These brands are also well known for making designer mens leather bracelets that are water resistant or waterproof, which is a highly beneficial feature for everyday users.

Compass bracelets

Compass is a special instrument used for judging direction during long journeys. The symbol of a compass consists of long spikes that spring in four major directions and shorter spikes that work as dividers between each direction. A well-carved metal compass pendant attached to a wrist chain can make up for an extraordinarily beautiful bracelet that can be worn by anyone at any age. Nowadays, there are bracelets made of real compasses that can help you in finding the directions wherever you turn.