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Choosing A Valentine’s Day Bracelet

Choosing A Valentine’s Day Bracelet

Valentine’s Day gifts are always more memorable than the presents you receive on other occasions. So when you are planning to surprise someone on this Valentine’s Day, you need to choose an item that looks as beautiful as your feelings for the person. In this passage, we will be discussing a few interesting gifting ideas for both men as well as women.

Couple’s heart bracelet

A couple’s heart bracelet is a perfect gift for an occasion like Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary. This kind of bracelet comes in various styles, but all of them have certain features in common. Primarily, a couple’s heart bracelet has two heart-shaped designs that are attached to both ends of the bracelet chain or strap. Depending on the design, these types of bracelets are available for men as well as women. For men, you can opt for an attractive curb chain bracelet or Cuban link bracelet with couple’s heart. If you want something trendy in the men’s category, then you can opt for a leather bracelet with a couple’s heart pendant. In the women’s category, you can go for a couple’s heart Cuban link bracelet made of rose gold or yellow gold.

Infinity bracelets

An infinity bracelet or jewelry is something that has an ‘infinity sign’ attached to it. The sign resembles numeral ‘eight’ as it is made of two loops that cross each other. The symbol is considered as an auspicious gift among lovers and couples as it means something that would last forever. So this is yet another awesome bracelet variety to choose from. Again, you need to find a suitable pattern. For men, you can opt for a slim leather bracelet or a carbon fiber bracelet with an infinity pendant or infinity clasp. You can also try out a few varieties in stainless steel bracelets. For women, you can opt for gold plated infinity bracelets. You can also find bracelets with infinity pendants that have birthstones embedded in them.

Personalized bracelets

Personalized bracelets come in few interesting varieties to choose from. For men, you can consider a gold or silver bracelet with a simple name bar. For something casual and trendier, you can buy a double wrap leather bracelet with a metal name bar. If you want to engrave a message, then you need something spacious like a carbon fiber bracelet or a leather band bracelet. For women, you can choose a charms bracelet with tiny trinkets made of letters or alphabets that represent the name of your loved one. You can also opt for names carved in rose gold or silver, attached to slim chains. Personalized pendant bracelets made of gold chains or leather strands are also quite attractive and they fall under unisex jewelry. You can also consider the option of bead bracelets with names written on the beads. However, bead bracelets are not as durable as chain bracelets or leather bracelets.