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Finger Accessories And Their Forms

Finger Accessories And Their Forms

The trend of the rings still remains to be in, but with the addition of distinct types, styles and forms of rings. There are womens rings that are available in distinct patterns to suit the preferences of every woman. Similarly, there are mens rings as well that are in great trend and demand today. The rings may have a social, aesthetic or symbolic function, but they signify a whole lot about the wearer.

Different types of rings

There are endless types of rings that are worn by both men and women. It has become one of the most precious accessories for people and they simply cannot do without wearing them. It is also used to gift someone on different occasions like marriage, anniversary, birthday and more. The types of rings differ in material, shape, pattern and use.

Overview of different types of rings

The wedding ring is the most common type and generally worn during the actual marriage ceremony. It embodies commitment, love and unity between the two spouses. It was originally worn by women, but it is also worn by men today. The engagement ring is exchanged between a couple that indicates their intention to get wedded. Then there is the knuckle ring which is more of a fashion statement worn by women mostly. These womens rings are quite popular and well known by most people.

Other types of rings

  • Mood ring

The ring changes its shade based on the temperature of the wearer.

  • Sports ring

This ring is worn my sports members mainly the winning professionals in the United States.

  • Birthstone ring

It is a ring that has a birthstone of the person who is wearing it. It can also be the birthstone of the spouse or children.