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Faux Leather Goods In Male Fashion

Faux Leather Goods In Male Fashion

When you shop for accessories that are suitable for men, leather is the best and the most preferred material to base your choice upon. While real leather goods are expensive, there are several items that come in faux leather as well. With manmade leather there are several benefits. Not only is faux leather cheaper, it also helps to create accessories that can be versatile in design. However, bear in mind that faux leather items might not be as long lasting and classy as real and genuine leather products.

Man made leather and its variants

When you are looking at leather based mens accessories you will find two main categories of faux leather that are used. Polyvinyl chloride is one category of faux leather while the other category is polyurethane leather. PVC usually has a more plastic finish which makes it hard and durable. Hence, it is mainly used in bags and similar items. In case you are looking at finer items like bracelets or tie clips, you would do well to look at PU leather based items. This variant or faux leather comes in softer and more pliable form. For that reason, it is used in bracelets, belts of the finest designs and can have interesting embellishments or carvings on them.

Caring for faux leather

When you shop for faux leather goods, keep in mind that such items need to be handled with care. Though minimal maintenance is required, unlike real leather, faux leather also does not stand up well to water and other humid conditions. Hence, it is best that you keep faux leather accessories away from humid and wet conditions.