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Beaded Fashion Accessory Ideas

Beaded Fashion Accessory Ideas

If you are exploring the different segments of fashion jewelry, you could take a certain material to get started. If you look at beaded jewelry, these can be of different designs. Beads have a way of dressing up any ordinary outfit. Even if you are wearing a casual dress, the use of beads can help to dress it up and create a special, feminine look. Beads among necklaces are common, though they can be different designs.

Different beaded necklace designs

Among womens jewelry, beaded necklaces can be in the form of single strands of beads or could have pendants and come in layers. The most common and popular category is pearl necklaces. Pearls in different sizes and finishes are popular as beaded necklaces. With certain accessories, beads of other materials could be combined with pearls as well. There are other additions as well, such as pendants, charms, gemstones and crystals. Every type of a pendant or attachment makes for a unique beaded necklace. The look of the necklace varies accordingly and you can choose as per the kind of outfit you wish to accessorize.

Beads for men

Beaded accessories are not the sole domain for women alone. There are beaded accessories like bracelets that work well as accessories for men. For instance, beads on bracelets are often rustic in appearance when they are made for men. Again, rustic wooden beads combined with leather straps help create a bohemian look for men. This is a popular design that men love to flaunt. Beads can be of different kinds as well as dimensions when it comes to bracelets for men. Many are also paired with elastic bands or twine straps also.