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8 Men’s Skull Accessories Perfect for Christmas Gifts

sterling silver skull head signet ring

Do you think that skull accessories are only for Halloween? Think again! 

Skulls are an edgy, masculine motif perfect for any time of year, and make a great gift for men. Wow your man at Christmas this year with a gift of skull jewelry. We’ve got a piece of skull jewelry for every type of guy in your life!

  1. Skull Bead Bracelet 

If you’re looking for a guy’s Christmas gift to introduce him to skull jewelry, consider the skull x matt black onyx bead bracelet. With its single delicate skull bead, this bracelet pairs well with others, or looks great on its own. 

  1. Skull Head Bangle Bracelet

Is your man a fan of leather bracelets? If so, go for the skull head steel open cuff bangle bracelet instead! This stunning steel cuff looks great with leather bracelets, and will make his stack stand out in a crowd. 

  1. Floral Skull Steel Ring

For a more unique piece, consider a  beautifully detailed floral skull. Our floral skull steel ring is an ideal Christmas gift for guys who like to add a unique touch to their outfit, and is perfect for everyday wear. 

  1. Skull Head Bridge Steel Ring

If your guy prefers something a little less intricate, our skull head bridge steel ring is a must have Christmas gift. Simple and elegant, the black detailing around the stainless steel makes the skull heads pop!

  1. Skull Head Signet Ring

If your man is a fan of signet rings, a sterling silver skull head signet ring is for him. This unique piece can be dressed up, or be added as an accessory to his every day outfit. 

  1. Skull Plate Necklace

Is your man masculine and bold? If so, gift them a silver skull plate necklace this Christmas! This statement piece shows off his personality and is sure to impress. 

  1. Skull Head Steel Cufflinks

Formalwear doesn’t have to be boring! Give the classy man in your life a set of stainless steel skull head cufflinks. This guy’s Christmas gift is elegance meets cool. 

  1. Skull Head Steel Tie Clip

If cufflinks aren’t your guy’s style, consider a skull head steel tie clip instead. This conversation piece will be the talk of his next formal event. You’ll be glad you were the one to gift it to him!