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8 Unique Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend

stainless steel modern rosary necklace

Does your boyfriend have a unique sense of style? Does he like unusual accessories that make him stand out? If so, don’t fret!

We’ve compiled a list of 8 unique Christmas gifts for men that won’t fail to impress. Check them out below!

  1. Modern Rosary Steel Necklace

This isn’t your grandmother’s rosary! This cross on this stainless steel beaded chain is actually a sword. This Christmas gift is a great idea for a boyfriend that likes his accessories to be one-of-a-kind.

  1. Black and Gold North Star Steel Pendant

Let the north star pendant on this necklace guide you to the perfect present for your boyfriend this Christmas. This gorgeous necklace is accented with black crystal stones and a gold finish, making it the brightest star in a sky of accessories.

  1. Black Stones Skull Head Cufflinks

Does your boyfriend dread formal events because he thinks a suit isn’t his style? Prove him wrong with a set of skull head steel cufflinks. These are the perfect Christmas gift idea for men with an edge that aren’t afraid to show it.

  1. Black Stones Skull Head Tie Clip

If cufflinks aren’t his thing, consider gifting your boyfriend this steel tie clip instead. Adorned with a skull accented with black stones, this will make his ties pop. Though it is cool enough on its own, it looks great with the cufflinks as well!

  1. Floral Skull Steel Ring

On the subject of skulls, the gorgeous floral skull steel ring is a unique addition to everyday wear. The detailing in this ring makes it stand out, and you won’t find a better ring than this with quality stainless steel at a quality price.

  1. Matte Black Onyx Wolf’s Fang Steel Pendant

If your boyfriend is style and edgy, we have a great Christmas gift idea for him. The black onyx wolf’s fang steel pendant is high quality, and high fashion. Plus, it will show off his edgy style!

  1. Hamsa Hand of Fatima Elephant Pendant

Gift your boyfriend luck and unique style this Christmas with a steel hand of Fatima elephant pendant. This uncommon spin on a traditional pendant is sure to impress.

  1. Bead Bracelets

Semi-precious bead bracelets for men are unique on their own, but what makes this Christmas present really special is gifting a set of different kinds of beads. For example, give the olive bead bracelet with a howlite bead bracelet for a pairing that stands out. The possibilities are endless! The best part? These all pair well with any of the accessories above!