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Luxe Accessories for Men

accessories for men

Are you a man that puts time and effort into your outfits? Are you at the forefront of fashion, and want to take your look to the next level?

If so, let modern, luxe accessories elevate your look. A good bracelet or ring can take a “just okay” outfit and make it great.

Curate your own distinguished look with some of our favorite luxe accessories for men:

  1. Gold Bracelets

Men’s gold bracelets are a timeless, yet modern accessory. For affordable luxury, look for a bracelet with high quality plating, like our gold steel bracelet. If you prefer your classics with a twist, consider a men’s rose gold bracelet instead.

  1. Bead Bracelets

Is a traditional men’s gold bracelet not your style? Consider a bead bracelet, like our skull x matte black onyx bead bracelet. Semi precious beads elevate this staple, and they look just as luxe alone as they do paired with other accessories.

  1. Cufflinks

A bracelet isn’t the only way to adorn your wrists. For a polished look, match cufflinks to your other accessories. For example, you’re wearing a men’s gold bracelet, wear gold cufflinks as well. Or, if you’d prefer this small accessory to make a big statement, go for something more unique like these skull head steel cufflinks.

  1. Rings

Rings are an understated, yet stylish accessory to show off your posh taste. Don’t limit yourself to a simple, one tone look. For a ring as unique, yet luxe, as you are, consider a mixed metal band, like our rose gold and black steel ring. This is an easy way to match a rose gold bracelet, a black steel bracelet, or both!

  1. Tie Clip

A tie clip is a functional, yet elegant accessory. Like cufflinks, these can match your other adornments (rose gold tie clip to match your men’s rose gold bracelet, anyone?), or act as a bold statement piece.

  1. Necklaces

Necklaces are another timeless accessory that instantly elevate your look. Best of all, they’re perfect for everyday wear. Match your luxurious gold bracelet with an equally luxe gold necklace, or wear it on its own. 

  1. Pendants

A pendant necklace should be bold without seeming gaudy. The key is to find a piece that is simple, yet fashion forward. Our matte black onyx wolf’s fang pendant is the perfect blend of unique, luxe, and fashionable.

  1. Credit Card Holder

Just because a credit card holder is essential doesn’t mean it has to be basic. Show the ultimate commitment to luxe details with a genuine Italian leather credit card holder. Combined with the above, your luxe look is complete!