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Unique Bracelet Designs

Unique Bracelet Designs

Bracelets are a charming and delicate type of jewelry item that is quite popular among women. However, with the advancement in men’s fashion industry, bracelets had become equally popular among men. Apart from a means of adornment, bracelets are also linked with various religious and spiritual beliefs. In many countries, people wear different types of synthetic and organic bracelets to ward off various evil effects. In this review, we will be discussing a few unique bracelet designs that are quite popular.

Vintage stone bracelets

Vintage jewelry has several meanings and people use the term quite loosely. So you need to be clear about your preference when you are shopping for a vintage item. There are many local jewelry makers who design old-fashioned jewelry using cheap materials like gems, beads, and metal strings. They are generally known as vintage jewelry. These bracelets are quite attractive as they are reproductions of classic designer jewelry. Women’s vintage bracelets made of semi-precious, artificial stones and gems are quite attractive.

Men’s gunmetal anchor bracelet

Anchor bracelets are a popular variety of men’s bracelets. There are various types of anchor bracelets available in the market. And the common ones you would find include a leather or fabric bracelet attached to a metal anchor that acts like a clasp. However, if you want some uniqueness you can opt for a mens gunmetal bracelet with an anchor tip. You can also opt for a bangle anchor bracelet for more versatility. However, for a more casual look, you can shop for a double wrap mens gunmetal bracelet with an anchor clasp or anchor pendant.   Gunmetal bracelets are grayish in hue. Hence, if you want more color enhancements, you can opt for a bracelet which is partially plated with steel or silver.

Carved beads bracelet

Bead carving is a traditional art practiced by many civilizations. Even today beads made of different types of woods are carved or painted to make a wide range of fashionable jewelry items like bracelets and necklaces. Carved beads are used for making bracelets for men as well as women. A carved mahogany or rosewood bead bracelet can make your wrist look quite attractive and trendy. Carved beads also come in various shapes like oval or cylindrical.

Braided leather bracelets

The leather is a popular material used for making some of the trendiest fashion accessories and jewelry items for men. If you are not fond of metal jewelry, then owning a piece of leather jewelry would definitely make you feel happier. This is the reason why leather ornaments are quite popular among men. A braided leather bracelet is one of the best items you can add to your leather accessory box. There are several types of leather bracelets for men available in the market, but a braided bracelet is more durable and strong compared to bracelets made of leather straps or strings.