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Tips for Maintenance of Leather Bracelets

Tips for Maintenance of Leather Bracelets

Bracelet has become a fashion item today.  No matter what the occasion is, both men and women are found wearing bracelets.  Now what is a bracelet?  A bracelet can be defined as a jewelry which is meant to be worn on the wrist. There is a difference between a bangle and a bracelet.  In simple words, a bracelet is a modified version of bangle.  A bangle is not flexible and is meant to be worn on the wrist directly.  So, the size of the wrist is considered while choosing bangles. Whereas a bracelet comes with an additional fitting which can be adjusted as per the size of the wrist. Sounds interesting isn’t it?


Bracelet manufacturing


Normally bracelets are manufactured using materials like metal, pearls, plastic, cloth or leather.  If the tribal areas are considered they prefer bracelets of shells.  In short, a bracelet can be made using the material available locally. Every individual has a different choice. While women prefer bracelets made of metal or pearls, men mostly prefer bracelets made out of leather and metal. 


Bracelet and creativity


Creativity is at the topmost level today.  We find infinite number of craftsmen creating wonders and a lot of new models of bracelets are found in the market.  When the choice of material is leather for bracelet, the colors available are normally black or brown.  Again it depends on individual taste and preference in choosing the bracelet. I feel Mens black leather bracelet is best option as it can be worn on any colored outfit.  It gives a special and elegant look to the person wearing it.  A leather bracelet can be worn occasionally or regularly.


Stainless Steel jewelry items


Stainless Steel bracelets for men are known for being the best choice for all occasions. Stainless steel jewelry items are not highly expensive and they are highly durable. They can last for decades if used properly and even do not require any kind of maintenance. Again, Mens Stainless Steel Necklaces are also a popular choice in the market. Stainless steel items are quite valuable owing to their luster, longevity, no skin reaction and other essential features.


Mens Stainless Steel Necklaces

Stainless is known for being the most popular metal today

Whatever it is, a leather bracelet lasts for a long time if it is maintained properly. Some of the precautions to be taken to safeguard the leather bracelets are as follows:-


  • Protection from Dust: Most unavoidable element in this nature is dust.  But to safeguard expensive jewels, a proper care has to be taken.  The leather bracelets have to be kept in a separate cover after usage. A plastic pouch or bag is an ideal option.


  • Bifurcate the jewels and store: It is a common practice of storing all jewels at one place.  The idea is good because it avoids searching for the jewels in need.  When the jewels of different materials are kept at one place without bifurcating them, there are chances of jewels getting damaged.  Especially it has to be ensured that the leather bracelets are packed separately as the metal jewels make damage the leather finishing.  A single crack on the leather bracelet will damage the whole look.


  • Usage of leather bracelet: A leather bracelet is very light, but one must ensure that it should not be worn when the individual is in contact with water. A special care has to be taken not to expose leather bracelets to perfumes or strong chemicals.  They may damage the material.


  • Cleaning of bracelet: Never use hard chemicals, lotions or oils to clean the bracelets. Wiping the bracelets with a clean dry cloth is the best solution.


If you have recently purchased a leather bracelet, then follow the above tips to ensure longevity.