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The significance of urn jewelry

The significance of urn jewelry

Urn and Keepsake jewelry is traditional and the modest way to memorize your loved ones. Everybody has someone that holds a special place in their life and wanted to be with them always. It’s not possible to have your loved one nearby you for your entire life. But people can keep something that is adorable to both of them as a keepsake, as something that is sentimental to both of you. And as you keep it near you, the person may be departed physically but will always stay alive in your thoughts and memories.

What is keepsake jewelry?

A keepsake is something, which may be an object, a pearl, a gem or anything that belongs to that someone and makes you feel connected to him and you keep it as a token of memory with you always. Similar is the keepsake jewelry, you can capture some memories of your loved one in that jewelry may be in form of ashes, hair or something that makes you feel close to him in an elegant way. The jewelries are very stylish in design and can be carried casually for any occasion or can be brought in regular use. These jewelries can be made up of different type of metals, gems or wood etc. Also, they can be of any shape and size as per your taste.

Why “Urn” jewelry?

Urn is basically a kind of container where you keep ashes of your beloved one. So, as the name suggest urn jewelry is made up by filling something (a part of the deceased person in form of ashes, hair etc.) that makes you feel his existence. These jewelries can be of any shape and size for example a heart containing ashes in one side and the other side contains their photograph or may be initials. This is a beautiful way to keep memories of loved ones lively.