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Stainless steel jewelry is the new trend in alternative jewelry

Stainless steel jewelry is the new trend in alternative jewelry

A popular kind of jewelry is stainless steel jewelry which has been available for quite some time. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc. in stainless steel have been in vogue. Now, with the availability of better tools, the designers can create jewelry to set new trends and styles. Stainless steel jewelry is associated with a new meaning which reflects the creative mind of new age designers. This type of jewelry is related readily as work of art.

The artisans are not bound by any particular design, shape or forms, but create new ones that emerge from their creative minds. That is why this type of jewelry is so striking and easily attracts the new generation. Stainless steel jewelry for men and women is available in variety of styles. One can find classy and elegant designs and also quirky and junk jewelry. Stone studded jewelry is also one of the favorites among the buyers.

Variety of styles in men’s collection

Even though jewelry is available for both men and women, 80% of the jewelry manufactured is for men. Bracelets and in stainless steel are quite popular among men. Stainless steel jewelry for men comes in all sorts of designs and sizes. A very popular design is eagle bracelet. It has four eagles carefully crafted an intricately designed. Other designs include scorpions, sculls, Greek key design, Christian cross and others. The jewelry could be matte, brush finished or high polish. There are numerous are types of design and finish to select from.

Stainless steel jewelry for men is also available in gold plated creations.     This has given stainless steel jewelry a new look and meaning. Some designers have also come up with studded jewelry that includes cubic zirconia and diamonds and other semiprecious gemstones.

Women have more and more choices

Stainless steel jewelry for women is also fast catching up the fashion trend. The stainless steel used in jewelry making is 316L Grade. This metal is free from nickel and has no carbon content. It does not trust and as high resistance to corrosion. There is no chance of allergy due to absence of nickel and the metal is extremely durable. The reason why stainless steel jewelry is fast becoming one of the favorites alternative jewelry options for women is it’s the rich look, unattractive designs and affordability.

Stainless steel because of its characteristics allows versatility to be molded in variety of styles. It can be used to create statement pieces by implementing shape, sheen or texture. Stainless steel jewelry for women is cheaper and that is why even the large pieces don’t cost a fortune. On the other hand silver jewelry of the same size will be quite expensive. Moreover, large pieces may get damaged due to scratches and dents but the same may not be the case with stainless steel jewelry as this alloy is durable and can withstand the usual wear and tear that comes with everyday use.

Women have never had so much choice. More often a woman may imagine something about her jewelry, what exactly she would want to wear, but has to compromise because gold, silver platinum cannot offer so much versatility. These metals have limitations because of their intrinsic characteristics and are also expensive. Bangles and pendants in dramatic geometric shapes are available in stainless steel in vintage and modern styles and it is now so easy for women to find what they really desire in their jewelry collection.