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Mark the Memory of your Loved Ones

urn jewelry

Urn jewelry or cremation jewelry is the most touching way to remember and memorialize a loved one. This special type of jewelry piece comes in many different shapes, styles, sizes and even price ranges depending on the client’s choice and preferences. While some people choose to add gemstones to their urn jewelry, others may opt for something much simpler and less fancy. Many retailers of urn jewelry allow you to customize the jewelry and add engraved text to the piece to make it much more special.

Most commonly, urn jewelry is especially designed to contain a small portion of cremains. In an urn necklace, for example, an opening is made to contain a small amount of ashes to memorialize a loved one who has passed away. Other types of urn necklaces can also have openings to contain a small amount of burial soil and bigger necklaces can even contain some memorial flowers or lockets of hair. The most expert of urn jewelry designers can even infuse the cremains into the piece of jewelry itself, making the whole necklace special.

Since pendant urn necklaces have an inner compartment to hold the ashes of your loved ones, it is made sure that this place is easily accessible yet secure enough to stay in place once sealed. The compartment is put in place with a small screw which can be used to fill the pendant with ashes. Once the process is complete, the pendant is then professionally sealed to ensure the safety of your beloved piece of jewelry. Each pendant also comes with a matching stainless steel, sterling silver or any other chain necklace of your choice, making sure that it can be easily worn with no extra materials required.

Urn jewelry can also be made and kept for memorial purposes and not worn in a chain. In this case, the pendant is provided in a safety box that protects the pendant from any potential damage. Additionally, each urn jewelry item that we provide is carefully packed with a care kit including a small funnel, strong adhesive and even proper filling instructions.