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Let Not Death Snatch Those Memories Away

“Life is a brief intermission between birth and death”- while the birth of one is celebrated with boundless joy, the death engulfs our happiness, but what is true in both the cases is that they are beyond human control. No matter how hard we try to hold that person back, death disposes what man proposes. Keepsake jewelry tries to soothe the end the wound that your heart bears when you lose a loved one by designing special cremation jewelry for you.

How can you hold the last remains of your deceased partner forever?

Photos do wonder they make those precious moments eternal when they are captured in frames. So even after that person is no more the moment of happiness is left with you as memories in the pages of that album. Attending a funeral ceremony is a very tough moment. The grave atmosphere at the crematorium looms in our mind for a long time and it takes time to accept the fact that the person who has just left us will never ever come back to us. This thought is horrific, but undeniable, that death is the end of physical life on earth and so in away what we have with us are the memories of that person be it in the form of ashes or a strand of hair, or  piece of cloth, a drop of  blood and of course photos. With the specially designed jewelry for ashes you can have those last remains of your deceased partner with you forever. Though it will not suffice her physical presence but in a way it will definitely give you the comfort of holding the memories of that person close to you.

How can you design keepsake jewelry in the memory of your pet?

We all love pets. The innocence and playfulness of these little companions just make our day. The feeling of cuddling them after getting back to home from work indeed gives you immense pleasure. And slowly they become a member of your family so surely it is really a tough job when you have to lay him in the grave. With cremation jewelry you can definitely make the remains of your pets last forever, be it a little hair from his furry body or his foot imprints now you can the memories last for a life time with the keepsake jewelry.