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History Behind The Tradition Of Wedding Jewelry

Wedding rings are mostly worn on the 4th finger or also known as the ring finger. It holds a great sentiment of love. However, it’s hard to figure out when this tradition actually began. It is believed by some people that the oldest track of ring exchange comes from Egypt, which is around 4800 years back. The reeds, rushes and sedges which grew alongside the papyrus were twisted and made into womens rings for the fingers which is also worn as a piece of ornament by several women today. Basically, it is the symbol of eternity which has no beginning or end for Egyptians and also other cultures. The circle or the gap at the center also signifies something. It is not just space, but a door or gateway that leads to things known and unknown. When you give a ring to a woman, it means never ending love.

The materials used in the making

There are mens rings as well that has a similar background. The materials which were used to make womens rings did not last for too long and they were changed to materials like ivory, bone or leather. The more costly the material, the more affective and love it meant. The value of the ring also demonstrates the wealth of the other person that is giving the ring. Eventually, the Romans stuck to this tradition by adding some twist to it. Instead of giving a ring to a woman like a symbol of love, women were rewarded with the ownership. Men claimed their women by giving them a ring. The rings were made of iron later on which signified permanence and strength. It is also believed that the Romans engraved their rings which were followed by other cultures as well.

The rings used by Christians

Christians made use of the ring during wedding ceremonies but it was not the simple ones like we know it. Both mens rings and rings for women were decorated using lyres, doves or two hands joining one another. However, such rings were discouraged by the church and during the 13th century, the wedding rings were made in a simplified patter with more of spiritual look. It was made to look like a unity of two hearts. The wedding rings are worn on distinct fingers which also includes the thumb. As per the tradition, most people wear the wedding ring on the left hand. Men wear them on the right hand while women wear it on their left hand. It is often worn on the left hand as it is linked to the vein of the finger, which gets connected directly to the heart. However, scientists have proved this wrong. Well, the myth still remains and is very strong amongst people.

Well, there are different theories believed by people on wearing wedding rings on the left hand and on the fourth finger. They strongly believe and follow this tradition even today.