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Glorifying Departed Loved Ones With Ashes Jewelry

When one's loved ones depart from this world, all that is left is to hold onto the beautiful memories and cherish those forever. Love will always string those beads of memory with affection but one can further bind oneself closer to the departed member by creating a relic from his or her ashes. After the process of cremation is over, the ashes are placed in a pot and handed over to the grieving family members. Some prefer scattering the ashes in the water while some choose to preserve it. Ashes jewelry is made from the remnants of the deceased person's body.

Various types of ash necklaces

Different types of shapes and designs for ashes necklace are available that will allow the surviving family member to encase the somber truth in a skillfully fashioned necklace. The emotional support that one gets from this apparently small piece of jewelry is undoubtedly priceless.

Conversion of ashes into diamonds and crystals

The scientific machinery applied for converting the invaluable ashes into crystals or diamonds is done with maximum care. The significance of the deceased person is represented in the meticulously shaped crystal or diamond that is made from the ashes. Another method is to keep the remnants of the once alive person in its true form. In this type of ashes jewelry, the pendant has a secret compartment where a bit of the ashes of the dead relative or beloved person can be stored.