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Fashion Statement Pieces for Men

Fashion Statement Pieces for Men

Fashion accessories are the integral parts of the wardrobe, not only for women but men as well. Men that wish to look fashionable and stay updated with the trend should possess the right kind fashion statement pieces to best match their outfit. A man that is fashionable knows the significance of carrying fashion accessories like tie bars and many more. There are several options when it comes to fashion statement pieces. Here is a list of few mens accessories to complete men’s wardrobe.


A good pair of sunglasses indeed lifts the look of men. When you wear sunglasses with your formal outfit, it offers a fine touch to the attire. However, you need to ensure that your sunglasses are complimenting both the outfit and the occasion. Choose either branded or best quality sunglasses as it makes you stand out in the crowd. Men should at least possess three pairs of sunglasses for different occasions. There should be a classic pair, a sporty one and casual one for daily use to match different occasions perfectly. Avoid wearing sunglasses with your business outfit.


Wallet is one of the most essential mens accessories which are more of a necessity than a fashion statement. It is required to carry money, financial cards and other pieces of paper. However, choosing the right wallet is the trick that makes you look fashionable. Go for the ones that fit in your back pocket of your trouser easily. Ensure that it is not too bulky, so avoid stuffing in too many things in your wallet that are unnecessary. While choosing the best wallet, consider shades such as brown, black or tan brown as these are the most popular shades that never go out of trend.

A tie and a scarf

If you really want to look fashionable and attract the crowd, choose high quality ties and scarves. These accessories add to your look and charm. There are different patterns and shades available for ties and scarves that match your blazers or coats. Scarves look appropriate when worn in winters. It not only keeps you warm, but makes you look stylish too. You can pair your scarf with a casual jacket or a pea coat. You can buy fashionable tie bars to ensure that your tie looks neat and fits perfectly on you.

A wrist watch

Well, a wrist watch is a must for every man as it often makes them feel incomplete in their style and appearance without it. Wrist watches are quite in demand and is the most important accessory that are available in different designs, styles and shapes. Regardless of how many gadgets you carry in your pocket, but when it comes to checking time, a wrist watch comes handy. You should have different types of wrist watches to best match the occasion and your outfit. Choose the regular ones for everyday use, a sporty watch and a classic watch to match your formal attire.