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Charming Ring Designs And Patterns

Charming Ring Designs And Patterns

Wearing rings is a great way to decorate your hands. Beautiful rings can entirely transform the appeal of your fingers and hands. Although rings are more popular among women, you can also find a wide range of designs available in the market that fall under men’s rings.  In this review, we will be considering a few attractive ring designs for both men as well as women.

Chain rings for women

Chain rings are one of the latest designs recently introduced by several branded jewelry makers. As the name suggests, a chain ring is made of a chain that has to be gently slipped onto your finger. These rings are very delicate and attractive. They may have a small diamond or design at the center. Chain rings made of gold or rose gold are more attractive.

Skull rings for men

Skull rings and bracelets have become the latest rage in men’s street-style jewelry. This type of ring has a skull carved on its surface that casts a dark and wicked style. Stainless steel skull rings are one of the most popular varieties sold in the markets and they come in different shades like black, gray, silver etc.

Gold plated steel rings

Gold plated ornaments have always been popular among routine jewelry users. Stainless steel mens rings that are either fully or partially plated with gold are quite unique in their appearance and characteristics. The gold plating gives them a rich look while the steel base provides a sturdy and strong support. Band rings with a slim lining of gold or rose gold are quite famous among men as well as women.