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Unisex Bead Bracelet - Skull X Granite 6mm Bead Bracelet

Skull x Granite 6mm Bead Bracelet

We do love skulls and if you are on this product page, it is safe to say that you love them too! Skull jewelry is trending and if you do not currently own a skull bracelet, this is one cool bracelet to own. Made out of 6mm semi precious beads mounted on a high-test elastic cord, a stainless steel skull head with black crystal eyes, a steel Kainam logo tag and a signature stainless steel Kainam bead at the back, this bracelet will stand the test of time.

Size Guide:

6 inches - Kids Wrist
6.5 inches - XSmall Women's Wrist
7 inches - Small Women's Wrist
7.5 inches - Medium Women's / Small Men's Wrist
8 inches - Medium Men's Wrist
8.5 inches - Large Men's Wrist
9 inches - XL Men's Wrist