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Preserving the ashes of the dearly loved one in the form of jewelry

It is a known fact that life and death are two sides of the same coin. But that doesn't make the loss of a dear one any less tragic. It is always a bitter experience which leaves one reminiscing about the mellow moments that have transpired in the past. All that remains after the funeral rites are over in a crematorium is a bowl of ash. This ash is the remainder of the once alive person who was well loved. The concept of ashes jewelry came into the forefront as a method of preserving the remnants of the dead person. The ashes in the form of jewelry like ashes necklace can also be worn.

Two methods of remaining attached with the deceased person?

There are two methods for keeping the essence of the loved person close to oneself. Ashes jewelry will enable the grieving member to use a certain amount of the ashes to make a precious stone. The development of new scientific approaches has made this possible and a diamond can be fashioned out of the ashes within a given span of time. Another method is to make a pendant shaped receptacle for storing a little bit of the ashes. There is an aperture in these pendants where the ashes can be placed. Ashes necklace can be used to string this pendant. The necklace can be made out of any metal which has been chosen by the mourner. This kind of jewelry is also available at various eCommerce stores easily.