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Keeping Silver Jewelries Shiny and Glittering for Long Time

Keeping Silver Jewelries Shiny and Glittering for Long Time

Since ancient time, human beings have immense love as well as passion towards jewelries. In historic era, human beings used to craft jewelries with stones. As the wheel of civilization started rolling, we gradually observed the use of various metals for crafting jewelries. Today, metals are used for jewelry manufacturing, but use of expensive metals like silver and gold can be noted quite extensive. It is always fascinating to buy sterling silver bracelets, when you are confused on choices or options for jewelries. If you buy silver jewelries, you shall note one major drawback. Silver uses to lose its shine with the advent of time. To keep your silver jewelries glittering or shiny, you can follow the tips that are provided below:

Keep Jewelries inside Wooden Box

To keep your jewelries to look like new, you need to keep them inside wooden boxes otherwise silver would lose its charms. Not just wooden boxes, it is better to have velvet cloth pieces to wrap the jewelries. It will keep the jewelries protected from moisture into the air. Wooden boxes would soak moisture and keep the ambience inside jewelry box dry. This is the best way to keep sterling silver jewelry glittering as well as shiny.

Use Soap Water to Clean Jewelries

Make it a habit to clean jewelries on regular basis. At least once in 6-8 months will serve your purpose. This will help jewelries to stay shiny as well as beautiful. Silver gets black patches, which can easily be removed when you cleanse the jewelries in soapy water. From sterling silver bracelets to much other jewelry, you can simply opt for this trick anytime as per your want or need.