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How To Attach A Tie Pin Properly?

How To Attach A Tie Pin Properly?

Bought your first tie pin, and confused on how to use it? Well here is instant help. Using tie pins can be so easy, that you never thought of. You just need to follow the mechanics and the purpose of use to use it. The tie pins or the tie bars as you say it is simply a clip, which you fix on the tie so that it keeps the tongue of the tie and the shirt you are wearing all together.

Common misconception

Many men still have this misconception, that the tie pins are used for just clipping together the tie tongues. They actually do this mistake, and simply attach the pin on the tie only. But the main objective is to see that the tie is in one place and do not sways a lot when you are moving, or not fly when you are in high winds; or rather sway away from body when you are bending down. Hence the tie clips are used to keep the tie position fixed and attach it closely to the shirt while securing its movements.

The steps to wear the tie pin right

Most tie pins are of the same design, with a little different mechanics, but the main objective of any design is to fix the pin with the tie and shirt without damaging or piercing the fabrics. Hence to start with it:

  • You must first wear your shirt, and then the tie on it.
  • Then you will have to detect the position between the third and fourth shirt button. This is the place that you are going to fix the tie pin on.
  • Finally you hold the tie tongues and the shirt placket together to insert the pin, the shiny or nicer side out. And there you go, as your tie pin is attached smartly to the tie.

Always use the simple steps to attach tie clips, and you are ready to face any event, date or meeting.